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    Grand Piano Studio: Otoren Shinjuku

    Piano studios in Japan are open not only for professional musicians but also to beginners and hobbyists. Otoren, a piano studio Tokyo city boasts, offers a wide variety of pianos for rent from upright and grand pianos, to digital pianos situated in a soundproof room. So, how do you rent a piano studio in Otoren Shinjuku? 1. Booking a Piano Studio Before coming to Japan, I registered at Otoren via email through their customer service. The staff was accommodating and able to communicate in English fluently.  Upon arrival, I went to the counter to fill up a form and get my membership card. This is a one-time process and subsequent bookings…

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    Taiwan Budget Itinerary for Couples: Travel for less than PhP 20,000!

    UPDATE July 2019: Filipinos may enter Taiwan visa-free for another year We never thought we’d be visiting Taiwan this year up until we saw a Scoot seat sale from Singapore. Mark and I decided to book a flight for his birthday and before we know it, we were already on our way to the airport! We made sure to bring only S$ 500 (around ₱19,400 or NT$ 11,200) to avoid overspending. Surprisingly, we were still able to save around NT$600 before we left for Singapore. I thought it would be nice to share the costing I made, as well as our itinerary, in case you guys are looking for a Taiwan…

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    Buy Cheap Chocolates Singapore: Where to buy pasalubong in Singapore?

    UPDATE June 2019 We recently (hehe) wrote about the Singapore Budget Trip Itinerary to give you guys an idea of how much it cost to travel in the Lion City. As an end note on that blog, we promised to share a secret on where to buy cheap chocolates Singapore tourists look for! Great, huh? On our second travel to Singapore in 2016, Mark and I found this obscure shop, neatly tucked away at the B1 of the Changi Citypoint mall. Valu$ or ValuDollar is our go-to place whenever we have to buy pasalubong for our family and friends back home. Most prices, if not all, are cheaper compared to grocery…

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    Singapore Budget Trip Itinerary – Daily Schedule and Expenses

    UPDATE June 2019:   You’ll always hear people say that Singapore is an expensive country to visit. We beg to disagree. We believe that Singapore is a fun place to be in if you just plan out your funds and expenses well. Back when SGD was just around PHP 33-34 per dollar, we managed to spend PHP 7,500~ for a 5D4N stay, without airfare. Following the recent spike in FOREX, we have adjusted this Singapore budget trip itinerary costing based on our trip in September 2017. (PS. We are now based here in SG) Singapore Budget Trip Itinerary Cost Estimate Mark and I enjoy traveling together but we don’t like…

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    How to Apply for Japan Visa Philippines Requirements

    UPDATE June 2019: Reli Tours Japan Visa Application is now located at the ground floor of Building A, along Julia Vargas. It’s in the same area as Kenny Rogers and EO Optical. Note that it is located outside of the mall. All Japan visa appplications are accepted and processed here. In 2016, Mark and I were so sure we will be granted a visa—we both had work, had pretty job titles, had a good amount in the bank. As far as requirements go, we aced it. But our application was DENIED. We were both disappointed. Mark, especially because he was apparently planning to propose in Tokyo plus the fact that…

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    Traveling Around Japan: 5 Tips You Will Ever Need!

    Japan has the power to excite even the most jaded traveler. From the majestic Mt. Fuji to the bright lights and energy of Ginza and Harajuku, no tourist is exempted from admiring a city borne out of centuries-old-culture mixed with a technologically advanced outlook. It is, as they say, the best of worlds. Traveling around Japan is experiencing a world apart–a grandiose melting pot of both the old and new. It’s no wonder why many of us are enchanted by it, a mystery waiting to happen to all brave enough to wander its land. However, traveling around Japan can be daunting specially if it’s your first time. This map is…